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Hey everyone! If you're looking to submit to agents, self-publish, or just clean up your manuscript and get some in-depth feedback, I might be the right beta-reader for you. I am now offering affordable beta reading services in the following genres:

- Contemporary YA (romance, issue-driven, thriller)

- Contemporary NA

I'm not a good fit for Fantasy or anything else at this time. I prefer YA and NA romance above all. I will auto-reject any manuscripts that are not held at a high grammatical standard. I am LGBTQ+ friendly. I will accept incomplete works.

Why should you hire me?

I am a soon-to-be published author with years of writing and freelance editing experience. I have helped clients develop their works, and have been a beta reader/critique partner for many writers.

I qualify to act as a sensitivity reader for bisexual representation, bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety disorder, self-harm, drug addiction, and alcoholism.

What you can expect from me:

Honesty and kindness. As a writer, I understand how terrifying it can be to ask someone to critique your work. I've been there, and my approach to critiquing is to ALWAYS be kind and considerate of your feelings, while still being honest about the areas I think your work needs to be improved. I will say, my critiques are generally not for the faint of heart! But I ALWAYS explain my reasons, and present my thoughts in a kind, but (hopefully!) helpful way.

Praise. I will absolutely tell you what I think you're doing right, not just what you could do better.

A focus on areas of your choosing. If you want feedback on specific parts of your story, such as how I feel about certain characters, the romance, pacing, etc, you are welcome to request beforehand.

Detailed feedback and inline comments. I prefer to work via Google Docs, where I will leave my thoughts and feelings as I read so you can see my gut reactions throughout the story. Then, at the end, I will write a detailed critique on the overall story.

Comments on style. If there's anything about your writing style/syntax I think could be improved on, I will provide my personal tips and feedback.

Quick delivery. I request up to ten days to complete your manuscript and provide feedback, but I'll often get it done before then.


I charge $0.0025 per word. So, the average 80k manuscript would be around $200 CAD.

I reserve the right to reject any manuscript I feel I am unable to properly critique. I will not take on projects that I don't feel I can assist on. I will auto-reject any projects that are not held at a high grammatical standard; typos happen, but this is a beta-reading service, not a copy editing service. I would like a smooth, clean read so I can focus on your story! :-)

If you would like me to reread after you apply changes, we can talk about a discounted rate. However, I also reserve the right to reject any reread requests.


You can contact me via the website's contact form here to discuss your project. I may ask you a series of questions before I accept or reject, just to get a feel for your vision and your plans for your story.


Please note that my service does not promise or guarantee your success with your manuscript; you may still face agent rejections, or valid critiques from other readers who feel differently than I do. All I can promise you is that if I accept your project, I have its best interests at heart, and will do my best to help you succeed.

thanks for reading!

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